1.    Current Projects

1.1.                     Online Banking Multiplatform


Online Banking Multiplatform is a groundbreaking banking application of a well-known European bank.


The App has a built-in Digipass for Mobile -- a two-factor authentication device that allows simple yet secure management of user accounts in a very controlled way.


The use of Digipass for Mobile is not limited to the App -- it can be used through any preferred banking channel, e.g. web, phone or fax. The App allows quick and simple, yet fully secure access to user funds:

- All types of International and domestic payments in over than 20 currencies

- FX transactions

- Access to the account balances and transaction lists;

- Term deposit portfolio overview;

- Loan portfolio overview;

- Credit card transactions and hold amounts;

- Notifications;

- Cache for quick operation with no or limited Internet connectivity;


- ID with any Digipass Token;

- Extra PIN protection.


Technologies Used


1.2.                     Customized e-Government and B2B, B2C CRM Solutions


The client’s product is Customized e-Government and CRM solutions, Rapid Application Development platform for customizable business solutions.


We are involved in supporting the core of the system, R&D processes and development of new CRM modules and improving the existing ones.


One of the plug-ins developed by our team allows users to export data to CSV or Excel formats.

Our teams are involved in the creation and expansion of the CRM, which is used in many government agencies in many countries (mostly European) and many large companies.


Technologies Used


1.3.                     B2B CRM Platform for Financial Markets


This is a specialized Complete CRM for investment companies and personal use.

The CRM covers activities for Investment Managers, Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Family Office and Pension Funds.


Technologies Used


1.4.                     Unified Decision-Support Software Tools


The system is primarily developed for financial decision-making processes. These tools are based on profound scientific research in Statistical and Mathematical Optimization Models.


The application of the tools is widely used in such areas as military and medicine.

Technologies Used


1.5.                     Enterprise Mobile Solutions


These are feature-rich mobile applications for Refrigerators Production Industry. This project is based on the concept of Smart Home. Our product provides security, comfort and resource economy for the users.


These apps help monitor, adjust the settings, launch and switch off your devices at any convenient time for you.


Technologies Used


1.6.                     B2B Online Entertainment Platform


Real time high loaded interactive platform providing customized solutions for gaming business including real time video streaming, integrated tracking system, payments, integration into existing gaming business, customized applications.


Technologies Used

Java, Scala, Spring, Jax-rs, Jax-ws