2.    Industries

2.1.         Auditing

2.1.1   Audit / Inspection / Assessment Software


There is a number of applications developed for audit/inspection/assessment purposes. The core of the Apps addresses the same aspects of the safety, health, environmental and quality management system of any logistics services provider firm.


The applications help assessors to inspect the object, analyze answers, generate and store reports on the server. The applications also provide a number of helpful use cases, international directories and catalogues.


The applications are used by various European organizations establishing standards in such fields as hazard chemicals transportation.


Technologies Used



2.2.         Finance

2.2.1.                 Online Securities Trading Platform


The System is an advanced trading server with emphasis on security, consistency and reliability.
It provides instruments to accomplish online stock trading via Internet using PFTS system (First Securities Trading System) as foundation and which already exists in Ukraine.


Technologies Used


2.2.2. Car credit online platform


The goal of the system is to provide online automobile financing services involving auto models, prices and creating users’ own financing plan. The users can also register and keep their own profiles. A multiple level access system protects private information. 


Our contribution to the project is: UML designing, implementation of the User Management, implementation of the interface, implementation of EJB of calculator, deployment and adaptation of EJB under JBoss and Websphere, logging, testing using JUnitee, researching, documenting. 

Technologies Used



2.2.3. LogManager


Migration of LogManger RMI server application to EJB for a well-known German bank.


Technologies Used

2.2.4. Online Banking Multiplatform App


Online Banking Multiplatform App is a groundbreaking banking application of a well-known European bank.


The App has a built-in Digipass for Mobile -- a two-factor authentication device that allows simple yet secure management of users’ accounts in a very controlled way. The use of Digipass for Mobile is not limited to the App -- it can be used through any preferred banking channel, e.g. web, phone or fax.


The App allows quick and simple, yet fully secure access to users’ funds:

- All types of International and domestic payments in over than 20 currencies

- FX transactions

- Access to the account balances and transaction lists;

- Term deposit portfolio overview;

- Loan portfolio overview;

- Credit card transactions and hold amounts;

- Notifications;

- Cache for quick operation with no or limited Internet connectivity;


- ID with any Digipass Token;

- Extra PIN protection.


Technologies Used


2.3.         Media/Interactive platform

2.3.1. MagicPaint (BodyPaint)


The Interactive visual tool permits users to draw on a virtual canvas, using the body as a brush. Audiovisual installation was introduced at the presentation on the request of Canon.

2.jpg1.jpg MagicPaint interprets movements, gestures and dance into a continuously evolving composition, thus expressing their feelings and emotions in all the richness of colors and genres – from bright fireworks to the subtle brush strokes.






Technologies Used


2.3.2. Multi Touch Surface


This is an interactive system with an accessible and fun user interface based on rich functionality. The user interacts with digital content using simple gestures and touches. The system allows users to create solutions of any complexity.


We develop apps, games, maps, 3D models for Multi-touch surfaces.



2.3.3. Interactive Mobile App


Безымянныpй-5.pngБезымянныpй-5.png     Easy to use


     User-friendly interface

     Quick data view

     Communications features



     Provides full information about cars

     Captivates buyers

     Increases the popularity of other information resources

       that provides information about certain cars

     Allows to build your own cars


Technologies Used


2.4.         Production and Services

2.4.1. ActiveDiscount


This CRM application is intended to establish strong two-way communications channel with customers employing their mobile phones.

The application consists of two major blocks: server side back end and client side applications for mobile phones.

The server-side backend provides methods to:


The client-side mobile Java application allows:


Technologies Used

2.4.2. Enterprise Mobile Solutions


These are feature-rich mobile applications for refrigerators production industry. This project is based on the concept of smart home. Our product provides security, comfort and resource economy for users.


These Apps help monitor, adjust the settings, launch and switch off devices at any convenient time for users.


Technologies Used


2.4.4. B2B Online Entertainment Platform


This is a real time high loaded interactive platform which provides customized solutions for gaming business including: real time video streaming; integration into existing gaming business; customized applications.


Technologies Used


2.4.5. Customized e-Governement and B2B, B2C CRM Solutions


The main client’s product is Customized e-Government and CRM solutions, Rapid Application Development platform for customizable business solutions.

We are involved in supporting the core of system, R&D processes and development of new CRM modules and improving existing ones.

One of the plug-ins developed by our team allows users to export the data to CSV or Excel.

Our teams are involved in the creation and expansion of the CRM, which is used in many government agencies in many countries (mostly European) and many large companies.


Technologies Used


2.5.         SaaS

2.5.1. Marketing CRM


The product is a web-based client engagement system that helps marketing consultants to be more productive – especially when collaborating with virtual teams. It is a single, secure place where important client information can be stored, shared and managed. No matter whether you are Mac or PC-based users, log on to our product – anywhere, anytime.


Technologies Used

·         Java: Spring, Hibernate, Selenium

·         Application Server: Tomcat

·         DBMS: MySQL

·         Other: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Google Data APIs, JavaScript, AJAX


2.5.2. B2B CRM Platform for Financial Markets


This is a Specialized Complete CRM for investment companies and personal use.

CRM covers activities for Investment Managers, Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Family Office, and Pension Funds.


Technologies Used

·         C#, .NET 4, Silverlight or WPF, WCF, ADO.NET, LINQ, T-SQL, ASP.NET

2.6.         Transport

2.6.1. Railways Planner


The Application implements reservation and planning system for Railways stations and terminals.
The Application is a client PC program and is developed for a Windows 32-bit platform to be used on all Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP platforms.

Technologies Used


2.6.2. Journey Planning


The Journey Planning software features trip planning over large distances, distributed geographical computations, travel schedule optimization.


We are involved in architectural design and development.


Technologies Used